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Local Government in Abuja: List of the 6 LGAs in FCT and their Headquarters



Abuja is made up of six local government areas, each with its own headquarters. These LGAs oversee primary education, waste management, infrastructure, and other civic services within their designated regions in Abuja. The headquarters also houses local government chairman’s offices, legislative arms and other administrative bodies…..CONTINUE READING…CONTINUE READING

Familiarizing yourself with the local government areas in Abuja will help you navigate Abuja better. This guide provides an overview of the six LGAs in Abuja and their headquarters to help you find your way in Nigeria’s capital territory.
Overview of Abuja

Abuja was created in 1976; it became Nigeria’s capital city in 1991, carefully planned and built from scratch. The idea was to move the capital from Lagos to a more central location. Abuja is in the heart of Nigeria, within the North Central geopolitical zone. It is the 8th most populous city in Nigeria.

Abuja, unlike the other states in Nigeria, is not led by a governor. Rather, it is led by a minister appointed by the president. Former FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, and FCT Minister of State, Dr Ramatu Tijani Aliyu, have handed over leadership to the Permanent Secretary FCTA, Mr Olusade Adesola, in accordance with Executive Order 14, which requires a peaceful transition of power. The new minister of the Federal Capital Territ is Nyesom Wike.


The city was divided into geographic zones for residential, commercial and government areas. Within each zone, there are several districts and suburbs. The administration is split into six local government areas (LGAs), each with its own headquarters.
What is a Local Government?

A local government is the lowest tier of administration in Nigeria. They are responsible for governing small communities and rural areas in the country.

Local governments oversee basic amenities and infrastructure like:


Health centers

They also collect taxes like tenement rates, radio and television licenses, market fees and other levies in their jurisdiction. The revenue generated is used to fund local projects and pay staff salaries.

Some of the major functions of local governments include:


Maintaining law and order through community policing
Registering births, deaths and marriages
Developing and managing public parks, recreation centers, cemeteries and libraries
Waste and sanitation management
Issuing business permits and licenses

Local governments are meant to bring governance closer to the grassroots. They play an important role in community development and improving living standards. The establishment of local governments has helped in tackling problems peculiar to each area and ensuring even development across the country.
Local Government Areas in Abuja
Local Government in Abuja
Local Government in Abuja

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, and it is divided into six local government areas. These include:


Abaji Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (Headquarters at Abaji)
Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (Headquarters at Bwari)
Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) of the Federal Capital Territory (Headquarters at Garki)
Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (Headquarters at Kuje)
Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (Headquarters at Gwagwalada)
Kwali Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (Headquarters at Kwali)

These local government areas oversee grassroots administration and development at the community level in Abuja.
Abaji Area Council: Headquarters in Abaji

The Abaji Area Council is one of the six area councils in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The Abaji Area Council headquarters is located in Abaji town. The Hausa, Egbira, and Bassa Ganagana people used to inhabit this land. This territory was also part of the former Koton Karfe kingdom, but they agreed to become part of the Federal Capital Territory for development reasons.


Hon. Abubakar Umar Abdullahi is the current chairman of the Abaji local government. He is a member of the All Progressives Congress. He was elected chairman of the Federal Capital Territory on February 12, 2022.

The Abaji Area Council has borders with Kogi, Nasarawa and Niger states. It has an area of 1,100 km2 and a population of 58,444, according to the 2006 census. Abaji LGA comprises 10 wards, which are Sabon Gari or Nuku, Yaba. Gawu, Agyana or Pandagi, Abaji Central, Abaji North East, Abaji South East, Rimba or Ebagi, and Gurdi. Abaji’s postal code is 905101.

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The major economic activities of the people are farming, fishing, and trading. Crops cultivated include yam, cassava, guinea corn, millet, rice, fruits and vegetables. The council also has deposits of clay, kaolin and granite.


Like other area councils in Abuja, the Abaji Area Council enjoys some level of autonomy in administering primary education, primary healthcare, and rural infrastructure like roads, markets, etc. Revenue is generated through tax collection, government allocations, and investments.
Bwari Area Council: Headquarters in Bwari

Bwari Area Council is one of the six area councils in the Federal Capital Territory, with its headquarters in Bwari town. The current chairman of the Bwari Area Council is Hon. John Gabaya. Bwari Area Council shares boundaries with Kaduna, Niger and Nasarawa States. The area council has a population of about 500,100 people according to the city population, with a land mass of 1031 km². Bwari area Postcode is 901101.

According to The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) website, Bwari Area Council has the following towns/villages: Apugye, Barago, Baran Rafi, Barangoni, Barapa, Bazango Bwari, Bunko, Byazhi, Chikale, Dankoru, Dauda, Donabayi, Duba, Dutse Alhaji, Gaba, Galuwyi, Gidan Babachi, Gidan Baushe, Gidan Pawa, Gudupe, Gutpo, Igu, Jigo, Kaima, Karaku, Karawa, Kasaru, Katampe, Kawadashi, Kawu, Kikumi, Kimtaru, Kogo, Kubwa, Kuchibuyi, Kuduru, Kurumin Daudu, Kute, Kwabwure, Panda, Panunuki, Paspa, Payi, Piko, Rugan S/Fulani, Ruriji, Sabon Gari, Sagwari, Shere, Simape, Sumpe, T/Danzaria, T/Manu, Tokulo, Tudun Wada, Tunga Bijimi, Tunga-Adoka, Tungan Sarkin, Ushafa, Yaba, Yajida, Yaupe, Yayidna, Zango, Zuma.


The major ethnic groups in Bwari Area Council are the Gbagyi, Bassa, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, and Tiv. The people are predominantly farmers, cultivating crops like yam, cassava, millet, guinea corn, groundnut, and vegetables. The council also has natural tourist attractions like the Gurara Waterfalls, Painted Rocks of Dutse, and the Shere Hills.

Bwari Area Council has several ongoing infrastructural projects to improve the lives of the people. Some of these projects are the construction of roads, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions across the council area. The council also has Bwari Area Council Secretariat.

Bwari is home to a number of major institutions and public establishments, including:


Bwari General Hospital.
JAMB UTME Computer-Based Testing Centre, Kogo.
Veritas [Catholic] University.
Dorben Polytechnic, Abuja(now operating from its permanent site in Garam, Niger State).
Nigerian Law School, Bwari.
Joint Admission & Matriculation Board (JAMB) HQ’s.

Gwagwalada Area Council: Headquarters in Gwagwalada

The Gwagwalada Area Council has its headquarters in Gwagwalada town. The Local Government Chairman of the Gwagwalada Area Council is Alhaji Abubakar Jibrin Giri. Gwagwalada has a land area of 1,069.589 km2.


Gwagwalada was a part of the Kwali District of the former Abuja emirate, now Suleja emirate, before the formation of the Federal Capital Territory. It was founded on October 15, 1984. According to the 2006 census, its official population was 158,618 people. The move of the Federal Capital Territory’s seat of government from Lagos to Abuja in 1992, as well as the subsequent demolition of unlawful structures within the Federal City Center, resulted in a significant inflow of people into the area, making it one of the Federal Capital Territory’s fastest developing metropolitan areas. The area’s population has surpassed one million people.

The Council is made up of 10 elected councilors who represent the Council’s ten wards, which are Zuba, Ibwa, Dobi Kutunku, Tunga Maje, Gwako, Paikonkore, Ikwa, Quarters, and Central. The zip code for the area is 902101. The Gwagwalada Area Council also has notable landmarks like the Gwagwalada specialist hospital, the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital (UATH), formerly known as Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, University of Abuja’s mini campus, and the School For The Gifted.

Residents of Gwagwalada Area Council are predominantly Gbagyi by tribe, with Hausa and Igbo settlers.
Kuje Area Council: Headquarters in Kuje


The Kuje Area Council is one of the six local government areas in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Its headquarters is in Kuje, a town in Abuja. The current Chairman of the Kuje Area Council is Hon. Abdullahi Suleiman Sabo.

Some of the major towns and villages in the Kuje Area Council include:

Baban Kurmi

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The Kuje Area Council is made up of several districts with a total population of about 212,100 people, according to Wikipedia. The area council has one of the largest landmasses covering about 1644km² in the Federal Capital Territory. The postal code of the area is 905.

The Kuje Area Council is located to the south of Abuja International Airport. To the east, along the Airport Road, is Centenary City, which leads to Lugbe and then Kukwaba before reaching the Central Area. Gwagwalada is located west of Kuje and has access to the Abuja-Lokoja-Kaduna Road. Every four days, a colorful market is held in the center of Kuje, with vendors offering fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, various food, fabric, shoes, clothing, smoked fish, and posters.

Kuje is home to various state and private schools, including Government Secondary School, Kuje Science Primary School, the Capital Science Academy, DFGS Glorious Shining Star Academy, Nigeria-Ghana International College, and Aflon Digital Academy.


The Kuje Area Council has abundant natural and mineral resources like clay, iron ore, limestone, marble, feldspar, mica, and quartz. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people, and the major crops are yam, cassava, guinea corn, millet, beans, and vegetables.
Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC): Headquarters in Garki

Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) is one of the six area councils in the Federal Capital Territory, with its headquarters in Garki. AMAC chairman, Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido, oversees the council.

AMAC is made up of 12 wards, namely: City Center, Wuse, Garki, Gwagwa, Nyanya, Karu, Wuse, Karshi, Kabusa, Jiwa, Orozo, Gwarinpa, and Gui. It is the most populated area council in Abuja, with over 1,693,400 residents according to the city population, with a land area of 1,769 km². Abuja Municipal (AMAC) Postal Codes is 900001 to 900288.


Some landmarks located within AMAC include the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Central Business District and Aso Rock Presidential Villa.
Kwali Area Council: Headquarters in Kwali

The Kwali Area Council has its headquarters in Kwali town. Kwali was created on the 1st of October, 1996, by the military administration of General Sani Abacha. The current Chairman of the Kwali Area Council is Hon. Danladi Chiya, elected under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party.

Kwali Area Council is made up of ten wards: Ashara, Dafa, Gumbo, Kilankwa, Kundu, Kwali, Pai, Wako, Yangoji, and Yebu. Each Ward is led by a councillor. However, unlike a standard Nigerian area council, Kwali has a peculiar manner of subdivision into districts led by district heads. The major ethnic groups are the Gbagyi, Bassa, Igbira, Igala, Nupe, and Hausa. The postal code is 904105. It has a land area of 1,206 km2 and a population of 85,837 people, according to the 2006 census.


The Kwali Area Council has abundant natural and agricultural resources. The area council also has forests that provide timber and non-timber forest products. Pottery is a popular occupation among the inhabitants of Kwali Local Government Area. It is the town of Dr Ladi Kwali, the world-famous potter woman whose image today adorns the 20 Naira currency. Another is the production of fabric. However, the residents of Kwali Area Council now engage in different occupations, including farming, hunting, and commerce.

Overall, the Kwali Area Council is a vibrant and developing local government area in the Federal Capital Territory with huge potential for even more growth and development. With its natural resources and attractions, as well as a fast-growing population, Kwali town and the surrounding area is an exciting place.

So there you have it, the six local government areas that make up the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja and their headquarters. Now you’ll be better informed when navigating around the capital city and understanding how the different areas within it are administered.


Local governments play an important role in providing basic amenities and infrastructure for communities, even though they tend to be overshadowed by state and federal government activities. But for everyday life in cities and towns, they shape how resources are allocated, and public services are delivered where you live. Knowledge is power, so consider yourself empowered with this information about the local government areas in Abuja…..CONTINUE READING

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